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Panza is a well known trance dj, producer and promoter from Warsaw / Poland. His style can be defined as groovy, energetic, psychedelic trance. His sets are always very powerful.

Marcin is 26 years old, got Master degree in Economics and Information Systems, and he practices sound engineering. He was interested in music since childhood. He played psytrance and break beat dj-sets at the most popular polish radio station. In 2000, Panza set up his organisation ( Pancer Productions) for promoting electronic music in Poland. In 2003-2004 he cyclic organised "Psychedelic Experince" and "International Psychedelic" parties in Kopalnia club - the best underground club in Warsaw. In 2005 he met SouthAfrican dj Zeus and Italian producer Metaphase and he joined to London based POINTZERO RECS..

Marcin has a great contact with the dancing people, that's why he is a resident in many clubs.

He played in Belgium, Poland, Ireland, Lithuania, India, Croatia, Germany, Austria, Italy and of course in England.

In the UK he played on events such as Antiworld International Indoor festival Break The system Down, Astrix and friends, ROOTS, 666 Bristol and of course PointZero records label parties.
He always strives to find the perfect tune for the instant minute on the dancefloor. This is his recipe for never-ending happiness of the psychedelic crowd. He gives the dancing crowd what they need!...they need positive energy!

Panza has played alongside top international artists such as: PsySex, Astrix, Hallucinogen, Beckers, Chris Liberator, Eskimo, dj Krust & MC Dynamite, Electric Universe, Painkiller, LAB4, Kino Oko, Oforia, Delirious, Echotek aka Reflex, Rinkadink, D-nox, Lisa Lashes, Talamasca, Daksinamurti, Pixel, Paul Taylor, Psycraft, Chakra, Dave The Drummer, Metaphase, Vibrasphare, Kristian, Sinewave, Nazareth, Stella Nutella, Marcello VOR, Ans, M-Klome, Solar System, Hyper Frequencies etc.

Top 3 venues - he loves to play:
The Caves (Belgium), The Coronet theatre (UK), Kopalnia (Poland)