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To most psytrance fans, Ofer Dikovsky needs no introduction. One of Israel's longest standing psytrance artists, he has been active in the trance scene since its early days and is responsible for creating a new vibe for Israeli sound. For those less familiar with Ofer's musical background, he was a member of the legendary Goa-trance band Indoor with Avi Algranati and Marco Goren. Their album "Progressive Trance", released in 1995, was one of the first in the wave of trance-artist albums.

Ofer (and "Indoor") also formed the Phreaky project together with DJ Dino Psaras. This project was responsible for the massive hit "Tornado" (1997). It was the first time that an Israeli piece got into the UK indie-charts and climbed up to no. 23.

Together with Marco, Ofer formed Tandu, another mythological band that made its mark by "almost" being signed to the prestigious Blue Room label! They were specially taken to London to make the record but in the end "Multimoods was released in Israel by Phonokol (1997).

After a few years of intense activity, the Indoor members parted company, and the world of psytrance gained two artists: Avi became Space Cat and Ofer became... OFORIA.

Ofer began working as a solo artist under various names. Starting with Oforia, he was one of the first Israeli artists to be signed to a leading UK label - Dragonfly - and the result was his debut album "Delirious" (1998), a bestseller album that established Ofer's unique sound and brought him worldwide fame.

It did not take long for DJ Dino Psaras, now manager of the English label Atomic Records, to come knocking on Ofer's door once again. The result was the smashing single "Out There / Extra Mundane" under the guise of "Solaris" (1998). This 12" was played & licensed to compilations all around the world.

After this taste of global interest, Ofer made a switch and began working with Israeli labels again. He released a track - "Illuminated" - on one of Israel's pioneering trance compilations - "Trance Mix" (1998) under the name Comet. He then made an even stronger "comeback" by releasing a full length concept album under the name "Pigs In Space" (1998). This album was pure dance floor mayhem, on par with the strong, metallic, full-on style that took over the world at that time!

In 1999, Oforia released its second album "Off The Ground", a high quality album featuring various styles of trance - psychedelic, progressive, ambient and even a bit of industrial. This album was considered by many as "ahead of its time". Due to major demand today, it is now being re-pressed and distributed by BNE/YoYo Records.

Along the way, Ofer remixed world famous artists - Pink Floyd, Man With No Name, Astral Projection and Tim Schuldt - and released tracks on compilations of different labels - Atomic, 3D vision, T.I.P world, Nova Tekk, BNE, HOMmega, Phonokol, M.D.M.A, Bionics.

After two years of silence, BNE/YoYo Records released Oforia's most recent studio album "Headed For Infinity" in early 2005, and as the title implies, this masterpiece is aimed straight to the heart of its listener. Ofer took his time to produce a new breed of sound & style. The tracks have a distinctive ring and characteristic feel that seem to carry his message.
Ofer has toured everywhere promoting "Headed For Infinity", headlining massive events such as Antiworld's famous SE1 raves and Brazil's XXXexperience raves.

In between flights, he spends a great amount of time in his studio, where he has just completed some monstrous tracks that promise to take fans to an even higher level. Dosage to the masses we say...